Firing Squad, Metal Maniacs Feb. 2009 issue

From Metal Maniacs, February 2009 issue, page 71 in the “Firing Squad” column:

“Showboating a lot of the same traits as Roadsaw, Nebula, Chrome Locust, Corrosion of Conformity and Entombed’s rock records and tons of other psychedelic doomsters the mid-’90s stoner explosion lifted from Sabbath, Zeppelin, Cream, and the like, these guys shoot straightpast countless other clones that personify the same genre soullessly.

Venomin James kill it!

Soul infiltrating catchiness, groovy aggression, and a booming, haunting production make this a stoner rock must-have and a band you’ll likely hear from again in JJ’s column. Think Witchcraft on King Kong’s balls-sized coke mounds…”

There you have it, dudes – we must be arriving finally. Many thanks to Dave Brenner, who writes the Firing Squad column, and JJ Koczan, who writes the Doom reviews for Metal Maniacs (and is vocalist/voicebox shredder for fuckin’ Maegashira!)

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