“Crowe Valley Blues” reviewed in Metal Hammer, Mar. 2011 issue

Hailing from Cleveland’s Crowe Valley, which its creators describe as ‘the home of murder, Mormon, and mayhem’, this is the second album from an outfit that specialises in swampy, doom-laden and moonshine-infused metallic blues.

Modelled upon Black Sabbath, Down, C.O.C., Kyuss and Trouble, the quintet’s sound is rooted firmly in the last millenium, and here that’s no bad thing. As well as delivering lumbering elephant-sized riffs, the two guitarists keep the lead solos sizzling throughout. Meanwhile, Jim Meador’s Southern-tinged voice enhances the album’s air of menace via such standout cuts as Desert Rider and Downer – the latter included as part of a bonus four-song EP called Death’s Wings. [7] Dave Ling

Pretty good, eh? Thanks to Mr. Dave Ling.

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